LOVE MONTAUK LOVE MONTAUK LOVE MONTAUK LOVE MONTAUK-DATELINE MAY 29, 2015-DITCH PLAINS BEACH, MONTAUK Well, that’s what people say, dreamily, when they have found their little heaven in the world. Their eyes go skyward and turn in with memories of good times past. I’ve heard it in Carriacou,  Corn Island, Milos, Grand Canary and so on.

Me? I’m an admittedly very lucky guy in that I’ve got places LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE worldwide and for the moment, as I watch a few surfers some with less hair than me and some filling out a bikini very admirably, I sit on famed Ditch Plains Beach, renowned as the best surf beach on.   Montauk, for me, as for many, goes back to me youth as I recall Max (dad) pulling into a lot somewhere, end of Long Island, as we gandered at the surf with the rain tapping the roof of our ‘58 Buick Roadmaster, 3 (?) port holes and all. Don’t know what it was but did know in my pre-adolescent brain, that there was something special here, waves pounding in the August storm of gray. White water forming where the surf meets the sandbar. Gulls squawking, diving for their catch of the day. The smell of the sea. The feel of my childhood passing through the rain clouds. The post war elation of the fifties passing into the turbulence of the sixties. And now, decades past adolescence, I own a piece of Earth just yards from the surf in Montauk. The trailer park in Montauk. One  double wide with 2 br, 2 full bath, dlx. 5 person hot-tub, beach across the road, waves break gratis to steady beat of life image TRAILER PARK? you’re thinkng. "What?“ Yes, some 60 years ago the 'working class’ folk set up camp, lit’rally, on a patch of undeveloped land (much of Montauk was undeveloped at the time, pitched tent, pulled the hula-hoops and inflatable balls from the Plymouth and set the kids free. The 'park’ soon metastasized into a lot with trailers and a couple of outhouses and as time passed, decades passed, the trailers were replaced with what are now called 'mobile homes’ some of which are almost as large as my permanent residence in suburban New York! A condo association was formed legally. A clubhouse was built. Then came 2 heated pools, paved roads, Belgian block curbs, gardens, the rich and famous, me and prices surpassing, in some cases, a million Central American bananas! We’re not going to drop names but we are going to intimate through association. Just a couple of trailers down from me is the man who created 'Margaritaville’ and the associated lifestyle for more than a generation of the working men with dreams of carefree Caribbean sunsets. The ironic aspect is that in his great song "Son of A Son of A Sailor”, one of the lyrics states “I’m just glad I don’t live in a trailer!" I do believe he’s got another waterfront estate down the road in Sag Harbor and this is his surf shack. The premier parrothead who’s been wasting away again in Margaritaville for many a decade. No names mentioned. I understand he stays in the lovely trailer owned by one of the international chocolate heiresses whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting or bumping into yet. Why is the fellow who loves a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” spending the summer in my trailer park when he’s got a lovely home a few miles away? Surf’s up! He, along with many in the park and in Montauk is an avid surfer with a great track titled “The Oldest Surfer on the Beach” on his album from last year. How apropos. Across the street is Mr. Vitamin Water(sold the company to Coke for billions!), word has it, who pulls up in his '74 Porsche 911 rs (one of THE most collectable and desirable-mine’s only a classic '86 Cabrio), opens his shed, pulls out his board and head for the surf, a 60 second walk down Edgewater  Drive. e Remember Warhol? Yes, I know he’s long deceased but his estate called "Eothen” (from the east), down the beach a few minute’s walk, was finally sold for over 20 million Central American bananas. Well, Andy’s associate, 'back in the day’, a well known filmmaker, took his share of the sale of the estate he partnered with Andy Warhol. Well, you guessed it. Our filmaker is now a trailer park resident in beautiful and vibrant technicolor! The other day I’m sitting 'round cocktail hour with my friend, “C”, on one of the 3 community decks overlooking the Atlantic and another resident mentions her new neighbor is an heiress of Este Lauder. Not my brand but I do know the name. Only chanel #5 for my girlfriend, though. View Sanford White design house to my east from trailer copyright lerich image And the list goes on: The publishing heir and current president of Doubleday or one of those names. One of the heads of Appaloosa Fund. A slew of “hedge fund” guys, as my neighbors call 'em. And me. After all, Andy Warhol did say we’ll all have our 15 seconds of fame. Photos? Well, I’m new here but have major plans to shoot all the icons of Montauk and the surrounding Hampton towns and I do plan on photographing the surfers in action right here on Ditch Plains. The pics will be on my pro photography website and for sale to the surf community. Oh, and even deep into middle age, I do plan on trying my hand or feet or butt or whatever at surfing. It’s going to be a great summer in Montauk and on my little slice of the trailer park. Why the trailer park when these rich and famous can afford mucho million banana houses down the road next to Ralph Lauren, Bobby DeNiro, O'reilly, Cavett? THE SURF, DUDE! THE SURF. Only one minute walk from my cottage to the beach. Photo of boards on Mr. Margaritaville’s trailer has been earning me royalties for years. copyright rjlerich 2012 image >My photos sell every single day of the year earning me royalty income even when I’m NOT working. Pretty cool concept! Why not sell your photos of travel, food, people, products, family, whatever?

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